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Tips For Successful Bread Slicing

The two most important factors in slicing bread well are:

  • How sharp your knife is.
  • How firm your bread is.

  • A combination of these two factors is required to cut any bread well (other than a good slicing guide!). If your knife is dull, it means that you might press against your loaf too hard, making it buckle, resulting in a poor slice. If your bread is too soft, it could buckle even with a sharp knife.

    Generally, one can cut a thicker slice to compensate for either a dull knife or very soft bread or some combination of the two.

    I find that allowing my bread to "rest" for a certain period after baking allows it to harden to the right firmness. How long depends on your bread. So everyone's mileage will vary depending on your type of bread and knife.

    Our Thanks,

    The Bread Slicer Depot Staff