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How to season your breadboard (Optional)

Our product is a natural wood product. We leave it natural so that you can decide whether you want to use it in its natural state or treat the wood surface.

The decision to treat your wood may boil down to how you plan to use your bread board. The natural wood is aptly suited for the purpose of cutting bread. If you were to use it to slice meat or specialty breads that contain meat, the chances of bacteria etc. entering the wood surface is greater and to lessen the vigorous cleaning you would want to do on a "butcher block" style board, you would want to seal, treat or season your board. Additionally, seasoning or treating the wood will darken the wood and show more of the grain, as well as improve it's resistance to stains from berries and other ingredients that may be in the bread.

If you wish to season your board, we have culled some instructions for you below. You could also season it at a later date if you decide to. We have found that a 16oz bottle of mineral oil cost us about $2.99 in the pharmacy section of our local supermarket.

This is Optional Depending on Use
Using only food grade mineral oil, apply a small amount, about 1tsp. to the breadboard and lightly rub the oil on to the surface with a small piece of cloth working with the wood grain for best results. Do not use vegetable oils, as they will eventually turn rancid and ruin your board. Work the oil into the entire surface adding small amounts of oil until the entire surface is covered. Continue rubbing lightly until the wood no longer absorbs the oil. Wipe off any excess oil and allow the board to sit four hours before repeating the process. The oil coat will act as a barrier against food particles and bacteria from getting into the wood, so additional coats may be needed depending on the thickness of the wood. Two coats should be good for general bread cutting use. Allow the board to rest for four to six hours before using.


Our Thanks,

The Bread Slicer Depot Staff