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Bread Knife Thickness / Knife Gap Width Information

We set all of our slicer guides to a gap of 95 thousandths of an inch, plus or minus five thousandths of an inch.

To average folks, that is about the width of two dimes held together.

To figure this out, we took the thickest knife we could find at Wall-mart and used that as a benchmark.

Now we do walk a tight line here.....
folks with thin knives will complain about their knife having too much slack in the gap (if we made it too wide),
and folks with thicker knives will complain that it is not wide enough (if we made it too narrow).

If your knife is too thick, you can slacken the screws and then widen the gap. Once set to the right width for your blade, you can then tighten the screws again. This is possible most of the time.

For the vast majority of buyers, this will not be neccessary.